'Lilith' DVD now available!

So we’ve officially upgraded from ‘pre-order’ status to 'now available' as the DVDs have been printed and are actively shipping. Thanks everyone for the unexpected number of pre-orders, we’ve had quite a rush!

The DVDs contain two commentary tracks which we’ve spent a lot of time putting together. The first commentary track is by me and focuses more on filmmaking, film studies and film theory. It contains tons of info that isn’t on this blog and really gets into the nuts and bolts of making a feature film. It’s my attempt to do a ‘film school on DVD’ segment, and I’m really thrilled with it. Total film geek stuff.

Eat your heart out, Slavoj Žižek. There’s a new film nerd in town.

The second commentary is by Julia Voth and myself, recorded at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. We had a really great time making the commentary, and it’s a wonderful record of what we went through to make the film a reality, as well as a ton of really great insight into Julia’s preparation for the role. We did the commentary off the cuff, and the results were pretty hilarious. She’s an absolute riot.

As funny and smart as she is beautiful.

I put a ton of effort to make the DVD the best it can be, and I hope you enjoy it. As of now you can order it from the distributor’s website by clicking on the link below. In the coming months it’ll also be available on Amazon and iTunes. In January we’ll be doing theatrical screenings of the film in select cities, starting with New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. We’ll also be doing a really cool, limited edition vinyl release of the soundtrack, more on that in the future.

So top off your Cyber Monday basket with a cool DVD of a really great little film that needs your support. Spread the word and some holiday cheer! Thanks!

You can buy the DVD by clicking the link below, as well as the direct download of the film (which doesn’t have the extras):

Buy the ‘Lilith’ DVD.