Going back to Cali.

Going back to California to shoot this short. It’s my first time going to Hollywood to actually direct and shoot something, and not just go for financing/ scriptwriting. It’s a big moment for me.

I’ve got a backlog of questions and messages to answer, so those who submitted to me I ask for your patience, as I’m averaging about 19-hour work days for this past week and for the foreseeable month. But my blog will soldier on - I’ll do my best to keep writing interesting stuff and progress updates.

In the meantime please remember to support Lilith on its facebook page. You can download the film right away and/or pre-order your copies of the super-cool DVD. Your support is appreciated!

Paradise Circus

Massive Attack


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Music for the Weekend: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack.

Circus is the right word. It’s a tenuous weekend as I’m waiting to hear back on a very exciting project. Script’s been approved, the financiers like it, and it just has to get the stamp of approval. So far so good, but nothing’s a guarantee in this business. Worked really hard on this one, I hope it comes through.

I’ve been going on about two hours of sleep a day for this past week, and I’m dreadfully exhausted. Between releasing Lilith on download and DVD pre-order, getting this new project off the ground, uploading the new trailers, further rewrites on my Paul Pope project, and doing my volunteer work for the Obama campaign, I’m absolutely bushed. But it’s a good kind of tuckered out.

A lot of times people forget that we have lives outside of our profession. Cars need servicing, pets need to go to the vet, homes need maintenance, food needs to be picked up and somewhere in there we try to squeeze in a social life. The fall makes for beautiful late afternoon walks. Leaves are turning, a slight chill in the air. Local shops have pumpkin pies. Kids with grass-stained knees playing football in the park for hours. Spirited political debates with friends and strangers while sipping hot drinking chocolate at the corner coffee shop. Reading comics (current titles: Saga and Punk Rock Jesus) on a park bench while my wife reads a cozy mystery novel. These are good times. Cherish them.

Have a great weekend!

'Lilith' now available for DVD presale and Direct Download!

The day has arrived! After years of waiting and faithful following, you may now watch ‘Lilith’ as a direct download, playable on iTunes, Quicktime or VLC.

OR you can pre-order the DVD, which has tons of goodies that the download doesn’t have, including two packed commentary tracks by yours truly and Miss Julia Voth. Here’s the cover of the DVD (Region 0, NTSC), which I designed myself:

OR you can order both, if that’s what your heart desires!

You can order directly from the distributor by clicking here, or by using the following link:


There will be select theatrical screenings of the film across the country in the coming months (‘like’ our Facebook page to keep up with dates), where you’ll be able to watch the film on the big screen and take in the full cinematic experience which we’ve worked so hard to achieve. This is a full independent release, so I really need your help to make this film a success. Watch it and help spread the word by ‘liking’ and tweeting the distributor’s page. Please reblog this post and help a brother out. It’s been a long time coming for this, let’s make it count!

Thank you so much for all your support, we’re only getting started!